The SoLET Lab is a research laboratory directed by Dr. Danielle S. McNamara and housed in The Institute for the Science of Teaching and Learning at Arizona State University. Research in the SoLET lab focuses on understanding the cognitive processes behind such educationally relevant skills as text comprehension, writing, and knowledge acquisition. The primary goal of the lab is to apply cutting-edge research from Cognitive Psychology, Education, and Computer Science to educational settings, and to use this strong theoretical foundation to enhance educational environments and methods.  

For more information about our lab's research, please visit and check out our recently published chapter: Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Literacy: Existing Technologies and Continuing Challenges

Dr. Danielle S. McNamara is a Psychology Professor at Arizona State University experienced in researching the mental processes involved in reading and writing. More specifically, she studies how technologies can analyze and assess written language in order to produce computer-based educational systems that can offer research supported literacy training specific to each student's independent needs.