+ As a teacher, can I use Writing Pal or iSTART for my students in my class?

Yes! Click on the "Teacher Registration" link to get started. After you have created your account, you will be able to create a classroom and give it a classroom ID code. Share this code with your students; when they register for their student accounts, they can enter your ID code to join your classroom.

+ How do I access my students’ results?

Contact us for more information on teacher registration and account information.

+ Can I comment on my students’ essays within Writing Pal?

Unfortunately, you cannot currently comment on students’ essays within the program, as we have not yet developed such a function; however you are able to print the essay if you need to return it to your students with comments.

+ Are the programs customizable?

All students have access to the same lessons, games and assignments; however every student will receive different feedback depending on their performance. This system is adaptable and will offer the best practice for each student independent of all others.

+ Can I create my own assignments?

Yes, you can create your own prompts for essays in Writing Pal and add custom texts in iSTART. All students in a class must complete the same tasks; you will not be able to assign different tasks to different students within one class.

+ Can these programs help me reach Common Core objectives?

Yes, this program will help you reach common core objectives because the material taught within the lessons and the practice promote planning, organization, argument writing, cohesion, revision (Writing Pal), and a deep understanding of the text (iSTART); all of which are expected achievements in the Common Core Standards for high school students.