+ Will my name and personal information remain private?

Yes, all your personal information will be kept confidential. If you are under the age of 13, you will not be asked to provide any personal information at all.

+ How do I become eligible for the programs? Do I have to apply? What are the requirements?

All students that have not yet participated in a study using W-Pal or iSTART and that are in high school or have just recently graduated are eligible for the study. There is no application required for the study, you simply need to register as a student to begin.

+ How do I register to use Writing Pal or iSTART?

Follow the “Student" registration link and input the required information. You will need to check your email for your temporary password and classroom keycode. When you first log in to the systems, you will be asked to join a class and create a new password. After filling out this information, you will be given full access to the system.

+ How do I register for a class with my teacher?

Follow the "Student" registration link and click "My Teacher Told Me To Sign Up" on the following page. After completing the registration process you will need to enter the classroom keycode created by your teacher in order to begin using the systems.

+ Can I share my username and password with other students, so that they can also use the program?

No, this program is intended for each independent student; however, you are welcome to invite other eligible students to register for the program under their own name.

+ Is there an actual instructor that I will be able to talk to and who will give me personal feedback or is this all electronically done?

The entire program is electronically driven, all the feedback and grading are done by the software; there is no human instructor for the program.

+ How much work do I need to do to benefit from the programs?

To gain the maximum benefit from the programs it is best to interact with every part of the Writing Pal or iSTART system, including the lessons, games and practice.